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Renato D'Aiello European Quartet

Thursday 3 May 2007 on stage 8pm
Bonington Theatre
Tickets £10 concs £8 students/children £5

Renato D'Aiello European Quintet

Featuring:Renato D'Aiello (tenor), Andrea Pozza (piano), Nicola Muresu (bass), Quentin Collins (trumpet), Shaney Forbes (drums)

Renato D'Aiello, the British-resident Italian jazz saxophonist, was recently absorbed by a project to adapt the music of Italian composers to postbop.Originally billed as a Quartet with Keith Copeland ( the absence of whom force some amendments) he now arrives fully armed with this alternative replacement. For this quintet, he is joined by two Italians (Sardinian bassist Nicola Muresu and Genoan pianist Andrea Pozza) plus two of the finest young guns playing out of London trumpeter Quentin Collins and drummer Shaney Forbes (last seen with Empirical in January). It's a straightahead jazzer's delight, with standards and jazz classics alongside group originals in the same vein.

"D'Aiello couples a domineering get-out-of-my-way sound with bounce and spontaneity but he is also capable of considerable tenderness…the man is such a walking music box."
John Fordham, The Guardian

Visit Renato's web site (opens in new window)

Listen to music on Renato's Myspace web site (opens in new window)


D'Aiello's weighty, behind-the-beat sound shows how a poetic imagination can rekindle a long-gone style without nostalgia ??
John Fordham, Friday March 16, 2007 The Guardian, Four stars review
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"...When you hear it on the subtly-simmering 'For Heaven's Sake' you know you're in the presence of a master improviser."
Brian Blain, Jazz UK review, February/March 2007 issue

"His solos tell a story. Their lines unfold with a natural flow, especially on the ballads 'For Heaven's Sake' and 'Portrait of Jenny'."
Jack Massarick, Evening Standard, 2/2/07. Four stars review

" Relaxed, unhurried but imbued with intense warmth tinged with poignancy, D'Aiello's tenor sound thus prioritises the expression of sentiment rather than the demonstration of instrumental facility...? ?...He showcases one of the most attractive and affecting tenor sounds in contemporary jazz. Recommended."
Chris Parker, Jazz CD review, Vortex, March 2007
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Il nous presente un musicien parvenu a' la maturite'.Si le musicien n'a rien perdu de sa generosite', de son lyrisme, son langage a aacquis de l'assurance, et son discours est equilibre' dans la construction et dans l'usage des differe'rents registres ?qui fondent sa maniere...........
Paris, Jazzhot magazine , April 2007

Renato D'Aiello

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