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We will be posting audience comments and reviews on this page. If you have anything you would like to send, please e-mail to info@jazzsteps.co.uk.

Marlene Verplanck - 2014 UK TOUR

Dear Friends:

A special thanks to all of you who joined me somewhere on my recent tour; one of the most memorable months of my life.

Nottingham Jazz House - 10 Years at the Bonington Theatre

To me, the Bonnington via Jazz Steps through Nottingham Jazz with the brilliant Brian P is one of the most enjoyable & supportive stops on any serious jazz musician's travels around the great UK jazz spots. The sound of the theatre, the atmosphere & the care that everyone takes over looking after the group (even remembering how many sugars in tea!) is really unlike any other.
Also the breaks it has given many up (hopefully!) & coming musicians - that not many people had heard of.. (me) - the chance to bring a group to a great venue like the Bonnington...CBE's anyone?
Dylan Howe

Just to say a big thanks to Nottingham Jazz House, to Tim, the two Bobs. To Alan and Joyce (for the words of support and the confidence boost!) And especially to Brian for supporting me over the years and giving me the chance to play.Top Geezer!!! We always love playing the Bonington. Keep on doing what you do. It's fantastic.
Damon Brown

The Bonington Theatre in Nottingham is one of the most adventurous clubs in the UK, and I am therefore especially pleased at its continuing success. Thanks to all involved for working so hard at it, and hope to say something similar after 20 years!
Liam Noble

Would just like to say how much we enjoy performing at the Bonington Theatre for Nottingham Jazzhouse, the audiences are always warm & attentive. I hope the club continues to thrive and look forward to performing there in the not too distant future.
Very best wishes.
Andy Panayi

I really enjoyed my quintet gig earlier this year at the Bonington. As always, we were very well looked after, and the sound was excellent. Wishing everyone at Nottingham Jazzhouse all the best for the next 10 years!
Kate Williams

The Bonington Theatre is one of my favourite gigs on the jazz circuit in the UK. As a venue it has just the right size of stage with a superb grand piano, great acoustics & very good sound system. In my experience there has always been a large, attentive & enthusiastic audience. And if that wasn’t enough, Brian Pearce & the other guys are always easy to deal with & make sure that all the details are taken care. Unfortunately not every venue makes you tea or coffee when you’ve just arrived after a 3 hour drive & there isn’t always a meal provided. Very few venues have so many boxes ticked….. Congratulations on 10 years & I hope I’ll be celebrating 20 years with you!
Roger Beaujolais

"The Bonington Theatre is definitely one of the greatest Jazz and creative music venues in the UK. I have performed there many times with various groups and with my own group as well! Its always great fun to play and meeting that great group of dedicated people who work there for the jazz, sound and acoustics is wonderful, and you'll always get some great pictures from the gig! But most of all I feel that there is a warm and respectful attitude toward the music and the musicians!
Asaf Sirkis

"A great theatre to play a jazz concert - good acoustics and the audience close enough to achieve a relaxed and intimate atmosphere."
Mark Nightingale

"The Bonington Theatre is one of my favourite jazz venues in the country. It's a great hall with great atmosphere and fantastic audience. I have played quite a few times there with Gilad Atzmon's Orient House Ensemble. We always had great fun playing there. On one of the gigs, just before our violinist, Ovidiu Fratila, got married, we used the beginning of our second set to audition in front of Ovidiu, to be the wedding band...We needed someone to act as the father-in-law and Brian did the job great. The audience went mad. That was a lot of fun.....Congratulations to you and best wishes for many more years of jazz!"
Yaron Stavi

"Nottingham Jazz House is definitely one of the best promoters in the the UK and the Bonington Theatre is one of my favourite places to play - great venue with excellent piano, big performance space, and good sound. It is always a real pleasure to play there. They program a wide variety of music too and the audience is open minded and enthusiastic. I wish there were more like it!"
Theo Travis

"The Bonington is the only venue on the circuit where I've subsequently been called as a court witness having seen three guys beating the crap out of each other outside - I don't think it was related to the performance. It's always a fun gig and we're always well looked after. Thanks to all involved for your commitment to the music."
Arnie Somogyi

"This theatre somehow crosses the formality barrier and becomes an ideal creative environment which encourages audience interaction. It's a big favourite amongst jazz musicians and audiences."
Clark Tracey

"I have done some storming gigs at the Bonington over the years - particularly with the Zappatistas (who were in some ways a creation of Nottingham Arts). Long may it continue as a jazz venue-see you soon!"
John Etheridge

"For musicians this is one of the most welcoming and knowledgeable gigs on the circuit. Playing here is a real pleasure and the respect Jazz House gives always leads to memorable performances."
Jan Kopinski

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